This interactive map will help you to find who can collect or recycle your used liner and matrix into the economy. 
    Stay in touch: The CELAB work streams are actively working on completing this map with additional service providers. 

    We would like to hear from you!
    – if you know (or if you are) a collector or a recycler that is not on the map: please let us know !
    – if none of those in the list could treat your used liner or matrix: please let us know why, that will help us to understand how to fill the gaps!

    By circularity partners, we mean companies that process the material in a way to return it to the economy and prevent the use of new (virgin) material. 

    Those are companies that recycle, repurpose or refurbish the used liner or the matrix.

    Reference (and definitions): “Categorisation System for the Circular Economy” by the European Commission